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Friday, December 28, 2012

Nokia 1616-2 Insert Sim Card and Trick Jumper IC

Nokia 1616-2 Insert Sim Card and Trick Jumper IC --- Here Analysis Of Mobile would like to share a simple trick to fix nokia 1616-2 insert sim card, sim broken line, sim ic jumper trick. Immediately you see the pictures for more details. when your phone sim card entry appears what you should do.
  • You are trying to replace the old with the new card, if you have activated the new phone cards but it still does not change then you try the next step.
  • You try to check the lines on the connector sim. You have to know the sim connector is 6 feet. The first leg is vsim, the second leg is the CLK Sim, Sim Lock is the third leg, fourth leg is a data Sim, NC fifth and sixth legs are GND. if CLK, Sim Lock and data was lost then you have to throw ic and make jumper on leg ic.
  • To make jumper on leg ic please see the picture. If you have made a jumper at the foot ic then try to restart your phone. hopefully with this simple trick you find it helpful. I am very happy to share a trick to the success we all
Thank you for stopping by on the blog Analysis Of Mobile that discusses Nokia 1616-2 Insert Sim Card and IC Jumper Trick. Her visit also another trick that Nokia X2-01 Headset Problem Solution.
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