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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nokia 1280 Not Charging Problem Solution

Nokia 1280 Not Charging Problem Solution --- On this occasion Analysis Of Mobile will share tips and tricks how to solve Nokia 1280 Not Charging. if you want to try this trick then please follow the instructions of the picture.
This image is how to repair Nokia 1280 not charging, charging is not supported, bad contact charging. There are several steps that you should do is:
  • Check fuse it (if it breaks please make jumper)
  • Check resistor (if the resistor is broken, please replace)
  • Check Capacitors (if the capacitor is damaged please replace)
  • Check IC (if the bad contacts charging please remove the IC)
Thank you you've to see the trick of the Analysis Of Mobile. you may also want to see our other trick is the Nokia 1280 Local Mode Problem Solution. good luck

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