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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nokia 1202 Trick Jumper IC Keypad

Nokia 1202 Trick Jumper IC Keypad --- Buttons do not work on the Nokia 2012 is largely made ​​its restless, therefore Analysis Of Mobile will help the anxiety. well at this opportunity we will share tips and tricks of Nokia 1202 Keypad IC Jumper Trick. if you want to try please see the picture that we have provided below.
The picture above is a clue to repair damaged keypad, the keypad not working on nokia 1202. if you are a handyman repair the phone but did not have spare parts ic button then you can use this trick.
Step you should do is
  • Remove the keypad IC (be careful when doing this)
  • Make jumpers as shown in the picture above (use the delicate wires to do this)
So first yea article on Analysis Of Mobile on Nokia 1202 Keypad IC Jumper Trick. hopefully we instructions can help you. do not forget to look at our tips and tricks from the other Nokia 1202 Not Charging Problem Solution.

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